The Caledon 25 is a trailerable, semi-displacement hull with fiberglass sandwich construction built of biaxial and triaxial stitch mat material with a PVC foam core based on a commercial British Columbian trawler. From the chine down, she is solid stitch mat material. The hull and deck are glassed together from the inside, hence, making a solid waterproof 1-piece construction. She is over built to the highest specification giving her a dry displacement of 4,600 pounds.

Beginning of a new hull.
Hull and deck to be mated.

Boats under construction.

This Caledon 25 has a two-foot extension, which is an actual continuation of the hull lines (versus a bolted on motor bracket). It is bolted and fiberglassed/faired to the hull. The hull extension gains stern buoyancy, a longer water line, hence, a lower engine RPM/improved fuel efficiency at same hull speed. It also allows for larger motors to be installed, acts as a swim platform and allows for easy access to board the boat from a dinghy.

Aluminum motor support inside the extension.
Hull extension with twin 60 HP motors.

Lines Drawings